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Enhancing Interior Landscapes

Office Wellness Self-Assessment 

You work hard to provide your employees with a positive work environment. Is your office design helping or hindering those efforts? Use our interactive Office Wellness Self-Assessment to gauge what areas of your space might need a refresh in 2019.

Greening Your Office

Convinced your office needs a change, but have no idea where to begin? Our step-by-step Greening Your Office Guide helps you put a plan in motion, starting with building the right team and determining your goals.  

2019 Design Trends Report

Invigorate your office and employees. From experience-driven spaces to hand-crafted containers, discover the inspiration behind and features of the top 8 office design trends for 2019.

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New Year, New Office
Think outside (the box) in 2019 

The calendar is new. Your resolutions are set. There are 365 days in front of you achieve your 2019 goals. Do you have the right office environment to empower your people to do their best work and get results?

Your employees are likely to spend more time at work than they do anywhere else. Recent Ambius research shows 35 percent spend 15 minutes or less outside each day – more reason to build a space where your employees can be happy, healthy, engaged, and productive.

Create an environment that fuels innovation, collaboration, and talent with Ambius, the world's leading interior landscaping company for commercial environments. In 2019, you can make your office a place where people want to be. Download our resources today and get the most out of your office design this year.


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