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Enhancing Interior Landscapes

2020 Office Design 
Trends Report

Create a dynamic workspace. Explore these 8 trends shaping the future of the workplace in this 24-page report, packed with vibrant images to ignite imagination and possibility. 

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Office Wellness 

Optimize your employee experience. Objectively evaluate and determine how your workspace is contributing wellness and productivity with this 25-point assessment.

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Greening Your 
Office Guide

Lead successful change in the workplace with our 5-step guide to a successful design journey. Build a team, benchmark outcomes, and realize the full potential of your space.

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Discover this nature-led principle 

What is biophilic design?

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New Year, New Office
Optimized for business, designed for humans

A new decade is dawning - tackle it head-on by empowering your people with a fresh, green, inspiring workspace.

With up to 90 percent of business costs invested in people, your workspace is more than cubicles and conference rooms. It should be an incubator of ideas and innovation. Imagine plant-filled spaces where collaboration and creativity meet expertise, insight, and data – and make it happen.

Ambius is here to help you supercharge productivity, support well-being, and spark human potential by creating authentic office spaces that deliver exceptional experiences. Each week, we will unlock tools help you realize the full potential of your workplace.

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